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Common Two-Factor Authentication Solutions, Innovative Computing Systems
After the Attack: 8 Steps to Take Following a Data Breach, Innovative Computing Systems
A Town Held Hostage by the Cryptolocker Virus, Innovative Computing Systems
From Fuelfinders to Handshakez, Texas CEO Magazine
EHRs and HIE Providing Value and Results for Patients, Providers and Health Care System, Bravarro
Evidence Mounts on Toll of Obesity Epidemic, Bravarro

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Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.

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Texas CEO Media
Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.

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Where Should Your Firm’s Data Be Stored: In the Cloud, On-Premises or Somewhere Inbetween?

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Texas Freedom Network’s Activist Handbook

Brochure Design Creative Direction & Content Production:

Innovative Computing Systems

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Innovative Computing Systems Supports the Association of Legal Administrators Local Chapters
Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. and Digital Defense, Inc. Partner to Protect Law Firms Against Cybersecurity Threats
Innovative Computing Systems and SentinelOne Bring Next-Generation Cybersecurity to Law Firms


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Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.

The Young Leader

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IBM That’s ECM

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IBM That’s ECM

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San Antonio Express-News
Christian Science Monitor

Austin Chronicle 
The Spectator (UK)
The New York Times
The Sun-Herald (Biloxi-Gulfport, MS)
Austin American-Statesman
Blanco County News (Texas)
Hill Country News (Texas)
Austin Chronicle
among many, many others.

No longer online: 

IBM That’s ECM
(Awarded 2015 Communicator Award)

Further samples are available upon request.


starsLiterati Magazine, 18 APR 2017
western airways (published as “i was wrong.”), Literati Magazine, 19 APR 2017

Media Appearances:

“Senate hopeful Noriega introduces himself to S. Texas,” Houston Chronicle, 29 Jan 2008.

“Republican Revival,” Church & State Magazine, May 2004:



#SAtownhall2017: Stump Speeches vs. Progressive LeadersThe Rivard Report, 9 FEB 2017
Your Credit Report is Hurting YouThe Dabbler, 8 APR 2017
White People Outrage & Social Change, CROSSING(G)ENRES, 20 APR 2017
How to Get Rid of BooksThe Dabbler, 21 APR 2017

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