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This journal/blog has been in existence since 1997 through various permutations and URLs. My last URL, inadequate.net, still holds archival entries. It’s my baby and you can’t have it. I’ve moved as many posts as possible from previous journals to this site (including painstakingly searching the Internet Archive) except those at inadequate.net. 

Here are a few main areas I try to focus on in this journal (though this is in no way a complete list):

First and Foremost, Myself

The Intersection of Technology and Policy
I am especially interested in the tech field’s (and tech leaders’) failure to effectively engage in the policymaking process – or consider it at all. Ensuring one’s technology matches (or can be used to inspire change in) current policy is critical.

Education Technology (EdTech) and Policy
A great example of the above is edtech, which I am highly interested in, especially given my background in education policy. I find it interesting that rarely do edtech conferences include teachers or policymakers. Instead, they often seem to be self-congratulatory confabs filled with rather worthless platitudes and no connection to education policy or reality.

Defense/Security Policy and Civil-Military Affairs
As my wife recently said, the military (especially the Air Force) is my family business. Thus, I tend to engage in some discussions regarding military affairs.

Big Data/Privacy
I knowingly share a lot of data online, but with the advent of Big Data and microtargeting, among other information collection, analysis and dissemination advances, I like to promote a healthy skepticism of who has our data, for what purpose are they using it and with whom they may be sharing it.

Technological Solutionism
Encompassing all of the above, I want to counter the theology promoted by many in the tech field that technology can solve all social problems and, thus, should be above the law. I want to question both of those assumptions. I try to deconstruct innovations touted as easy, automated solutions and look at the wider societal impacts.

My most boring posts are probably about local, state and national politics. But who can resist commenting on current affairs? Especially someone who has worked in politics and policy for the majority of his career.

I’m not an expert in these fields. I have more knowledge in some than others. (I suggest being careful calling oneself an expert in any field.) So please consider yourself following (and helping) my evolution in thinking on these subjects.

Finally, all opinions in this journal are my own and subject to change.

(Some writing samples may not necessarily reflect my pure opinion on a subject. Those will be noted with a “writing sample” tag.)

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