Two Letters to the Editor

Two new letters to the editor I submitted today.

To the San Antonio Express-News on an article about a rally for school vouchers at the Texas Capitol:


As half of a childless couple, I was surprised by Kathryn Dormady’s argument she should not have to pay taxes to support public schools because her children attend private schools. By that logic, my wife and I shouldn’t pay school-supporting taxes at all. Moreover, Ms. Dormady wants public tax dollars to fund a portion of her child’s private education. I’d suggest she abandon her tax argument unless she wants the value of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s proposed education savings accounts (or whatever name they use for school vouchers next) to be greatly reduced. For, if she shouldn’t pay taxes for public education, why should I pay taxes to educate her children at all? My wife and I pay our taxes in the expectation that they support all children – not just those who can find a private school to accept them.

To the London Review of Books regarding a review they ran earlier this month on drug use and war:


I’m surprised your reviewer does not note the continued use of “uppers and downers” by American military pilots.

I also lightly edited a shared letter to the Government Accountability Office in support of a request by Sen. Warren that the agency investigate President Trump’s finances.

Have you submitted any letters yet?

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