Republicans Are Responsible For Trump

I don’t think the Republican Party consists of only racist, uneducated hicks. I don’t think even a majority of Republicans could be described as such; there are plenty of those people who vote for Democrats, too.

But Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s fault.

It amazes me that anyone could ask where Donald Trump and his anti-social policies were birthed.

The Republicans are responsible.

For far too long, the Republican Party’s members have allowed elected officials, media personalities and activist movements to get away with claiming women’s bodies prevent impregnation during rape, touting and spreading wackadoodle, disproven conspiracy theories (like those still maliciously peddled about a murderous Clinton), calling an opponent a “cunt” and other downright divisive, damn-them-to-Hell rhetoric.

Donald Trump — or someone like him — is the inevitable consequence when parties fail to police themselves. We call this dereliction of duty. To prevent Trump, the Republican Party — as a valid political party — should never have endorsed the actions and statements of many candidates and elected officials and activist leaders in its (recent) past.

But much of the party — look at all those who have endorsed Trump — is, seemingly, still asleep on duty. Or, worse, accomplices.

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