Because We’re Not Wrong

Why do I keep pounding out screeds against neoliberalism and wealth’s control of our country and lives? Because I believe that we all know this stuff is happening. Many of us have that feeling that the deck is stacked against us. Well, I’m jotting this stuff down so that you know you’re not alone — and that you’re correct. It is stacked against you — and the rest of the poor and powerless.

You ask, “So what do we do about it? What’s your solution?”

I don’t have the solution. That’s something we all have to work on together. I’m just trying to make sure more people realize this is a setup. We’re all taking the fall so others can benefit. And if you aren’t benefiting now, it’s unlikely you or your children will start benefiting. Wealth has a way of reproducing itself (see my last entry on New Jersey’s estate tax repeal).

I’m not here to lead you or wake you up — I’m here to greet you and agree with you that we’ve woken up in a really fucked-up place and we’ve got to do something before it’s too late.

Indeed, neoliberals fear most the spread of knowledge of what they’re doing. I noted (and there are far more examples than that) that lately many publications have started discussing how neoliberalism is failing world economies. Well, the forces allied with the wealthy have struck back — poorly and with little to back them up.

In this issue of The Economist, a special section is devoted to telling those of us suffering under neoliberal policies that we’re wrong to oppose having our rights taken away in order to increase the number of zeroes in the upper class’ bank accounts[1]. We’re wrong to want something more and better for our and our children’s lives.

They certainly must be afraid if they’re openly penning pieces in defense of neoliberal globalization policies.

Why do I do this? Because we’re not wrong. A better life is possible. Just not their way. And they know it. They know we’re right, and they’re afraid of us. They’re frightened that we might change things so that we all profit and not just them and their fellow wealthy.

They’re afraid because we’re right, and we’re realizing, acknowledging and speaking about it.

[1] If the wealthy are honest, they’re most concerned about ensuring capital flows aren’t interrupted by changes to the neoliberal order they’ve set up. Humanitarian issues (immigration, free movement of people in the EU and the like) are of little concern. Don’t be fooled. If there’s no profit involved, they aren’t truly interested.

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