Let’s Call Them Complimentary Issues

Two days ago, when I wrote this post, I thought I might add something substantive to it. Apparently not. So here it is as is.

24 SEP 2016
~1045 hrs

My interest in economics is surprising to me (numbers? math? huh?) and likely laughable and unbelievable to my friends. Misty’s Maybe it’s an extension of my interest in public policy and, thus, politics. I doubt I’ll ever claim (about anything) that I fully know what I’m talking about when it comes to the subjects of monetary and fiscal policy, but at least I can tell the difference between the two. [insert happy winking emoji]

Last night I stumbled upon a feature of calibre, an ebook converter/library management tool, that gives one access to a ton of periodicals in English and many other languages. Japan Times? Check. China Daily News? Check. Russian? Italian? Yes, and yes. The Economist? Yup. Check it out if you haven’t already. It’s free.[1]

Seems to be a great way to get free news from lots of great publications delivered straight to your device each morning.

If you’re into free books, especially academic literature, lemme know. I’ve got a line on a great site[2] I can share. I can also give you details on getting rid of the copyright protection (DRM) on most ebooks so you can get them on and off your Kindle for sharing. I won’t publish the information here. I don’t want everyone to know my free literature sources!

[1] Once you’ve downloaded and launched it, the big red button next to the big red heart on the top toolbar gets you there. Something so obvious is clearly the reason I haven’t noticed it in the years I’ve used this program. I started using the program merely for its ability to convert books from different formats (.epub, .pdf and others) into those readable on Kindles (.mobil, .azw).

[2] Thank you to Cassandra, formerly of Halcyon and recently a designer for my company, for the tip.

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