HC, DT and BLM

Does anyone really think I’m a diehard Hillary Clinton supporter?

Do I think she’ll push needed policies are hard and far as they need to go? Nope.

Do I like the idea of continuing another political dynasty? Hell no.

Do I think it’s important that a woman finally sit behind the desk in the Oval Office? Absolutely.

Do I want the Republicans to win? Definitely not. Even if the candidate isn’t Trump? Even if the candidate wasn’t Trump, I wouldn’t vote for a conservative Republican.

She’s certainly the most qualified candidate (including third-party candidates).

You can be a little punk and say you won’t vote for Hillary because there’s no difference between her and Donald or they’re both evil or you just don’t like her, but remember:

That same argument got us W. with a side of unnecessary war in the Middle East and a large Great Recession to top it off.

And if that’s not enough:

The first thing the new president will do is make a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

How long do you want your vote (or abstention) to negatively impact the country?

As for the Black Lives Matters protesters among you: Keep it up and Trump will win. And I can assure you that minorities will suffer to a far greater degree under a Trump administration than under another Clinton go-round. These protests (and the killings of police officers, which many connect with the protests) are only going to incite the racists to hit the polls. That is the exact opposite of your goal.

Despite what some columnists have been able to get published, it will also be minorities who most suffer the social and financial costs of a Trump win. White folks will be affected, but minorities will certainly be at an even greater disadvantage than they are today. (In reaction to the story on the other side of the above link, I would remind Kevin of the demographics of the U.S. I found the publication of that article to be completely irresponsible on the part of The Washington Post, and he, as its author, should be ashamed of writing it.)

Just a warning. We should definitely agitate for our rights and safety. But we should also take a larger, and longer, view – and ponder how our local actions will impact the nation and everyone’s futures.

I look forward to being called a misogynist racist now.

But before you go too far on that, remember that I worked for a black Democrat in Texas for years upon years. A man who told his entire staff in the first days of employment that we were to consider ourselves as black now, too. His district in Houston is largely black.

Now you can call me a racist misogynist.

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