Started Off Kinda Professional / But Now This Shit Is Personal

Sure, you all soldiers at home
But out here you can’t fake it
That’s why y’all
Ain’t here
Ain’t it?
It’s just easier to act 
Hard on credit
Than it is to make a payment

A little to add to Misty’s experience:

Out walking Carl a few minutes ago in the triangle park at Felicity and Annunciation, just as we turned the corner, we heard what our neighbors standing outside in the courtyard would say sounded like a gunshot coming from the direction of our apartment building and Chippewa.

When I walked back into the courtyard a few minutes later, Brandy and Jean Luc and another neighbor were standing outside. I joked that they should stop setting off fireworks. Jean Luc argued it was too short to be a firework. They asked if I saw anyone run. They must have come outside after the gunshot. I didn’t. Nor did I see a car speed off.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a gunshot.

They then proceeded to tell me about the drive-by before noon one day at the same corner where Carl and I had just walked.

I mean, they could at least wait until the right side of noon.

Title lyrics from 4th25’s “Fuck ’em.”
Epigraph lyrics from 4th25’s “Reality Check.”

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