You know it’s bad when . . .

. . . when you actually feel your best when you sit down to work.

And that’s been the case twice in the past five weeks since we moved here from Austin.

Can I just say this city is not my favorite? Despite hearing two older gentlemen talk about how they couldn’t see “any reason to leave this town, where you can find everything!” while I was out walking the dog this morning. New Yorkers really gotta get out of the city more often.

Anyway, Duane Reade is awful. My three-times-a-day med, Lamictal, for OCD (not the television version, the real-life kind – that is, Misty only wishes I were super-clean) was sent around the country but not to me. Yesterday, until the evening, was my second day of withdrawals. My head’s still a little loopy, but I’m here!

I had to cancel a Skype speaking session with a graduating class of English majors at my alma mater yesterday. I will, hopefully, catch them for a short 30-min session tomorrow. They need to be warned about the economy they’re entering with their degrees.

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