Getting Mail in NYC? Fuggedaboutit.

I’m still waiting on my SIM card for my new Nexus 6P. It should have been here Monday or Tuesday (it was overnighted). But, because our buzzer is still broken, I’ve missed packages from UPS, USPS and FedEx all week.

Today, the postal mail woman (who can get into the building because she drops off mail and “Missed You” package notices) refused to walk up a flight of stairs. She had a woman next door knocking and yelling at me to go downstairs for the package. Then the mail woman yelled at me for the buzzer not working. When she told me she didn’t walk up stairs — only package delivery men do that — I suggested she could use them nonetheless. (Why would they give a package to a mail person if that person isn’t expected to actually deliver it?) I tweeted @USPS so they — and the local PO for 10030  — would be aware of an Inspector General investigation coming its way.

Two of my medications were “Returned To Sender” because they couldn’t deliver here. (They should be filling them at the local store anyway.)

Until we leave this city or this apartment, I will continue hitting the door buzzer at random times when I get a hankering.

I don’t even want to talk about the way Misty has been treated here.

I’m so sick of this town.

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