We Moved.

Just not to any of the places I’d listed previously here.

New York City.

There’s a long story to be told. But, for now, suffice to say we live with a roommate in Harlem, Misty is at her new job as an Associate Creative Director at frog and I’m working from the roommate’s kitchen table, which I’m sure she appreciates my having completely commandeered.

The summary of what happened after we landed at JFK that I’ve been sharing with colleagues is:

Landed in NYC to find out our landlord had disappeared with our $2400 for first month and security. Stayed in disingenuously expensive hotel in Chinatown a few days while looking for apartments. Found out our credit is too bad (though our income is far beyond what’s needed) to get an apartment alone . . . ended up staying with a friend (Hollywood Anderson) of a friend (from Austin) in the Bronx for the last four days. Two days ago, got all our stuff into our new place (with a roommate) and sat down to start working — the most relaxing thing I’ve done in two weeks.

Had drinks with a coworker (Tania) from a consulting gig I have. She also showed us $2 hotdogs, which was the first thing we’d eaten in three days.

So far, the NYPD officers who came to our hotel room to take a report for larceny and fraud were nice to us (one of them looked like McNulty from The Wire); Tania was nice; as is our roommate, Betsy and Hollywood is super-cool and a great host, especially considering we’d never met and only spoken on the phone for a total of maybe, maybe 15 minutes before crashing in his livingroom for four days.

I will admit to the sin of having taken Lyfts a few times. But we were loaded down with eight or so bags of luggage — heavy luggage — that it only made sense. And taxis — good luck. But it appears Lyft is fairly well-regulated here. I notice the registration stickers and “T” license plates displaying their legitimacy. Still, a sin.

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