Hold Steady

Misty went to bed early. I hope it’s not because I made her mad. I know I spend all day at work, come home and do more work and muck around online and chat with her a bit and then read. I don’t mean to ignore her. I think she feels that way, though. I need to make a conscious effort to put away the computer shortly after I get home. (Or not get it out until after I’ve spent time with Misty.) That would be more in line with what my boss suggested — “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” he said. And he’s been supportive of not working after hours. I do it anyway because I’m used to marathon sprints, like with the ECM project mentioned in the last post. I’m glad I have been working extra, though. I’ve been able to be a bit ahead of the game, in most cases. (In fact, he also urged me when I started to consider working from a few days a week (so I do, Tuesdays and Thursdays) and, today, when I told him I was going to the printer to pick up signs and other collateral for the conference, he said that, in general, he didn’t mind knocking off a tad early on weekend eves as long as we stay vigil.) Of course, he can rely on me to work nights and weekends anyway.

My boss is a really nice guy. Former Army, so we have military backgrounds we can share. He’s just nice and takes my jokes and sends me a stern email when he gets annoyed with me. It seems to work out.

My first project at Innovative Computing Systems has been planning our visit to the International Legal Techology Association’s conference in Las Vegas. Talk about being stressed out. Of course, now that it looks like everything is ready to go (still waiting for a few things to arrive, but the majority is in the office or being shipped from the LA office), I feel certain there must be something I’m missing.

I’ve had to plan our booth (from tables to carpet to electrical to banners and signs to tchotkes — thank you to Amber for the winning suggestion — and more), our demo room (including most of the above but also projector, catering, etc.) and now I think I we’re coordinating a party(?) with one of our partners? Always something new!

I’ll be happy when this conference is over. I just hope it goes well.

Most exciting for me has been initiating, getting approval for and executing the design and publishing of a new brochure for the organization. I was able to give the project to my friend (and step-cousin?) Amanda, a print designer — letting her get paid instead of the exorbitantly priced (and not very good) designers sometimes used. I’ve seen samples of it, but I’m looking forward to seeing the final run.

It’s getting late, so let’s finish this up. Misty and I are going to volunteer at Dream a Dream Therapeutic Horsemanship tomorrow morning around nine. Need to be awake.

So one more thing:

I’ve been reading back through my journal/blog — starting in 1998. I’m currently at the end of 2004. It started really poorly but has improved.

The number of people I’m still connected with (if only through Facebook and even if they hate my guts) is, to me, astounding. So, yes, the below are a list of only the people I am connected to on Facebook. A quick list (the same one I’ve been writing up on Facebook, so it’s sort of chronological, starting with 1998 at the top).

  • Dane, JeNee, Ashley, Deborah and others are all in this period. I’m moving into the Ruta Maya phase now.
  • Brian(na), of course.
  • Jillian was in this period, too.
  • In early 2002 now. Met John in 2001.
  • Tommy and Sarah have appeared. As has Susanna. And Nicholas. Joseph, too (and his brother). Also, Karl, a while back.
  • As has Tanner.
  • Just reached Bush’s reelection — 2004. Earlier, Carla, Curt, Ryan, Annie have shown up. (Actually, Curt was way back.)
  • Also, Erin and Shellie.
  • Katrine, who found me through the blog, showed up a while ago. Aimee, who I met playing music in my alma mater’s coffeeshop.
  • Casey only recently.
  • Andrea and Andra at shows.

For 570 posts, though, the blog sure feels light.

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