Coleman schadenfreude

Rep. Garnet Coleman
Rep. Garnet Coleman

I have to admit to a certain (large) amount of schadenfreude over what my old boss, Rep. Garnet Coleman, has gotten himself into (a big pile of it).

He held a (necessary) hearing shortly after the Sandra Bland incident, during which he claimed he was recently pulled over by a cop and treated “like a child” and felt, essentially, demeaned.

So, the police department that pulled him over released the dash cam video.

Watch the video for yourself:

Now, I’ve never talked to a cop that pulled me over so much that he’d have to turn around as he’s walking back to his patrol car. Hell, no. I’m quite happy when it’s over — especially if I got off with a warning, as Garnet did.

But Garnet probably wanted him to hear more of his sob story of needing to drive 94 in a 75 (one more MPH and that’s reckless driving) to get back to Houston. And, as the cop says as he drives away, Garnet probably gave him “attitude” the entire time.

Indeed, I love the below because it’s the truth — this is how he treats everyone, especially those who work for him:

What Hunt found “incredibly ironic,” he said, was Coleman’s demeanor in the legislative hearing: “The only person who treats anybody nasty and disrespectful and like a boy is Garnet Coleman to the head of DPS.”


He also has a reputation for losing his cool . . .

Oh, I have plenty of reason for my feelings on it: He never increased my pay as promised (paying me poverty wages instead), he acted like mentioned above and a baby rolled into one (remind him to eat, take meds, etc.). His claims of “building” Texas Southern University and getting government money to build a park across the street from an apartment complex he owns were disgusting. He never acted as if laws applied to him. And I have other suspicions.

So, yeah, I think my feelings on the matter are justified.

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