Job Search Update/Entry

The job search remains extremely disheartening. Looking at recent job numbers and unemployment figures makes it both better and worse. Better because some 150,000+ people got a job last month; worse because I didn’t. And that doesn’t help my self-confidence. A job shouldn’t define you, but one must be productive. Further, one must earn money. “Ain’t much free in the land of the free,” as someone said.

I’ve had the luck to be seriously in the job market since the nadir of the Great Recession, which they say is over but I have doubts the unemployed care about economists’ always-wrong pronouncements. Even when the unemployment rate goes down, it goes up and competition increases. All those people who had given up on job-hunting (and, thus, are not counted as unemployed) start looking again. This does not help me.

Yesterday, I got fairly angry and depressed about it all. I wanted to throw my computer, phone and self out the window. It just becomes frustrating to spend so long filling out applications every day all day and only getting to second interviews. Then, I’m lucky if they even talk to me again (ahem, Amazon).

We ended up going over to my (old Ruta Maya) friend Craig’s house last so Carl the rat terror could play with his Boston terrier and we could all chill with some Chinese and chatting. That pulled me out of my funk, but I’m still not happy. I’m just not sure why I haven’t found a position in Seattle, Austin, etc. We’re opening the search to SF and LA, too.

Another friend, Drew, recommended What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015, the well-known job-hunter guide. My therapist recommended it to me months ago. I went through it then and found there was very little I hadn’t already done — in fact, I’ve done more. Rewriting resumes, cover letters, contacting recruiters directly, asking if they’ll hire me at the end of the interview (as he suggests — hasn’t worked yet, obviously) and on and on. It’s easy to write and give advice about finding a job when you already have one (or a successful line of the same book updated and republished annually). And paper resumes on heavy-stock paper? Really? Still? I don’t think so. Not through the Web.

The job status update is that I’m still waiting for a response from Community Health Plan of Washington for a managing editor role after my second interview with the VP of marketing. It’s been about three weeks, I guess. I have two or three calls (so far) with recruiters in Seattle and LA next week, and one email with a hiring manager. Not much, but something, I guess. It all comes down to:

I want to work.

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