Jeff’s Surgery is Tonight

First off, Jeff would like to thank everyone for the well wishes and donations. He was sheepish about it. He was also pretty drugged-up.

He’s not too happy. When we got to the vet to visit him before his surgery tonight, they opened his cage and he immediately wanted to come out and head home. Even if that meant pulling every cord out of him.

His urine is really bloody. He has a number of kidney stones — one looked to be the size of a marble or a quarter (we’ll see after they pull it out).

We still don’t know how badly his bladder was ruptured.

He goes into surgery around nine and I should hear something from the vet after he wakes up, probably around midnight, I’d guess.

The overall prognosis is good. In fact, if everything goes well, he could possibly come home the day after tomorrow.



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