Jeff’s 3rd Night in the Hospital

Not much to report from our visit with Jeff this evening. No one stopped to update us while we were there.

The picture pretty much tells the story. He looks exhausted, in pain and, generally, unhappy.

Dogs will often shiver when they’re in pain. He was definitely shivering. And his ears were cold, which is odd. I know they’re weaning him off the IV pain meds, but I feel so bad for him. Poor guy.

He was nodding off but didn’t have anything to lay his head down on. When he tried to put it on the floor of his cage, it was uncomfortable, so he’d end up trying to sleep like the Sphinx. Next to his cage was the area they keep the extra rugs and such. Misty grabbed one and we made him a makeshift pillow. His head descended, felt the pillow, went down a bit more, discovered the pillow was for real and then crashed into it. He was out of it.

We left so he could sleep. I’ll call later tonight for an update and to see whether or not we can take him home tomorrow.

I’ll also post the full vet bill once we get it.

[For the medically minded, his urine has turned the color of orange Kool-Aid from last night’s cherry.]


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