Jeff in Recovery

Poor Jeff. He looked so downtrodden yesterday at the vet. His ears, which usually stand straight up, fell sideways — giving him the look of Yoda.

He has good reason to be. Aside from being sick, he probably feels like we left him on an alien spaceship where unfamiliar humans poke and prod him.

I called them about a quarter of an hour ago for an update and to get more details about the surgery.

According to the vet, everything is looking good. He’s up and walking around. His urine is clearing up nicely and his kidney values are still normalizing.

There was a significant tear in his bladder, but she said it was easy to put back together and there was little bruising.

So everything sounds great. We still have a long road ahead of us, but if all goes well, he should be home in the next day or so.

Please help if you can.


P.S. He’ll have a righteous scar from his sternum down.

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