Will SXSWi Make SXSW Music Just Noise?

Yesterday, while Misty and I listened to noise on the final day of SXSW, I pondered the notion that this genre of music may be the beginnings of a reflection in the music portion of the festival of the growing dominance of the interactive part (SXSWi). Only a few years ago, SXSWi was nothing compared the SXSW music. Now, the music portion is but a fleeting ending to South by, it seems.

Maybe this disrupted music — noise — is a reflection of SXSWi’s disruption of SXSW. The young and angel-funded displacing the down-and-out-looking-for-representation.

I’ve been in the city for (whether or not I attended) SXSW for, oh, around 13 years. In that time, especially the last couple of years, I’ve felt and noticed that shift from SXSW music dominance to that of SXSW interactive.

Can we plan to hear more and more noise and electronica at SXSW? We definitely saw a decided increase in the number of hip-hop acts this year. This is the first year I also noticed a larger number of black people at SXSW music. That’s a good thing. It’s about time.

The only way I can see to support SXSW music’s importance is to push it back a few days. Let SXSWi end and then start music. But, ultimately, they will probably mesh into noise, a new lingua franca of SXSW. And maybe we’ll consider it art. If you can consider code art, why not?

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