Old Letters to the Editor

I found a couple of old letters to the editor of mine that were published in the Austin Chronicle a few years (okay, a decade or more) ago. I’d completely forgotten about them. Here they are:

Get an Editor
Dear Editor,

One might think that Ana Marie Cox’s belief in the primacy of the text (as she says, “I think writing is a one-way medium”) would lead her to edit her posts on her blog (www.wonkette.com) for accuracy and correct English [“Nellie Blog,” Screens, March 4]. Or get an editor, as she suggests others do. Alas, the blog’s awareness seems only to extend as far as the author’s nose.

William Pate


Taxpayers Being Charged Twice for State Parking Garages
RECEIVED THU., AUG. 14, 2003

I urge residents of Austin and outlying areas to boycott state parking garages on nights and weekends.

Legislation passed during the last session allows private companies to profit at the taxpayers’ expense by charging a fee to park in state-owned parking garages outside of business hours. This move adversely affects Austin consumers’ pocketbooks and its Central Business District’s economy. The new legislation does not affect any other cities in Texas. It allows private companies to profit by charging taxpayers to use parking garages in the downtown area, in which there is already inadequate free parking space, that they already paid for once in construction costs.

I urge diners, partygoers, and music lovers to boycott the use of these garages and write their state representatives to have this change nullified.

William O. Pate II

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