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I certainly never expected it to happen. Not to me. That I’d actually sorta fall in love with reading from a digital device, my Kindle Fire? Me? The guy who loves the smell and feel of paper? Dafuq? I don’t know, but it’s happened. I even find myself reading my Sunday NYTimes on my Kindle instead of pulling it out of its blue plastic sack and getting ink everywhere.

Aside from having adjustable brightness, allowing me to read when I like, I’m also being spoiled by the Kindle’s magazine selection. It’s great being able to get copies of British magazines and newspapers delivered just as easily and quickly as the local paper (were I to deem to local paper worthy of delivery). Clearly, after having my letter to the editor published in The Spectator, I will remain a subscriber for a while. But I would have anyway — the writing!

These English magazines have everything on our own. The writing is stellar. Readable, yet intelligent. Intelligent, yet cultured. Cultured, yet broadly aimed. (Who are we kidding? In the US, this would be considered some hoity-toity shit.)

I couldn’t do The Economist because it took the American Enterprise Institute too seriously. I can’t see them quoted in more than one story per issue, sorry. I don’t mind reading periodicals that lean to the opposite of my political positions, but I want them based in reality at least. So, right now, I’ve got on my Kindle:

The New York Review of Books
The London Review of Books
New Statesman
The Spectator
one story
The New Yorker
The American Interest
Oxford American
The New York Times
The Washington Post

And we have books. Lots and lots of books. Lots of free books from Project Gutenberg.

I had the Christian Science Monitor, but too much was missing from its Kindle edition.

Moreover, I like reading essays and criticism — forms that seem to have died on this side of the Atlantic. Prove me wrong.

I have a habit where I run my right thumb up and down the page as a read as if I’m following along with my finger (which I am, sort of, sometimes) but mainly only to feel the texture of the paper. I find myself doing the same with my Kindle, only just wearing away the texture of the plastic casing. I think I am more likely to get a callous this way, too.

Here’s to reading.

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