Itchy Fingers & an Update

I want to write something but I don’t know what’s worthwhile. So I guess I’ll just update you on the moving and job situations.

Misty returned from her trip to interview with Amazon in Seattle on Saturday evening. She spent all day Friday — seven hours — giving a portfolio presentation and then having various interviews and taking little tests. We hear back by tomorrow, supposedly.

In the meantime, not much is new on the job front with me except losing the position with the Greater Seattle YMCA. I was close on that one, I thought. I know I was whittled down from 60+ candidates to the top ten for a phone call, and then a second phone call.

I’m still waiting to hear about another position I applied for in Seattle.

Misty and I chatted yesterday and, from that chat, I opened up our search a crack to San Francisco. Threw a couple of resumes that way to see if anything happens for me.

Misty says there’s always graduate school again. I suppose I could do that. Maybe finally do security studies, the way I always wanted. But, then, what will I do with that? A law degree is more practical. I’m hoping I get a decent position so I don’t have to worry about that right now.

Getting back on track, that all means the move is still on hold. It could happen quickly, though, if Amazon comes through for Misty.

We’re going crazy waiting.

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