The Corinthian 15 – Protesting Student Loan Debt

“The repercussions are intimidating, but without dissonance there will be no change. People have stood up against things that are so much more terrifying than someone coming in and garnishing my wages or damaging my credit.”


–Mallory Heiney, 21, one of 15 official protesters on a “debt strike.” They are refusing to repay their federal student loans in a protest designed to pressure the government into forgiving their debt, according to The Washington Post.

Possible consequences of not paying one’s student loan debt:

Student debt can be brutally unforgiving for those who don’t pay back the money. Students who default can lose their paychecks, tax refunds, or even a portion of their Social Security. Not paying back debt can also ruin someone’s credit, making it difficult to buy a house, car or get a job.

I am in complete support of Ms. Heiney and her fellow members of the Corinthian 15. And Ms. Heiney couldn’t have said it better. Until a real Jubilee occurs (and not just a Rolling Jubilee), folks have to risk disapproval, dismay and dismissal in their efforts to bring it about. They deserve approbation.

Good on the Corinthian 15.

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