Letter to the Editor Was Published!

The Spectator, a British magazine, published unbeknownst to me a lightly edited version of the letter to the editor I wrote and sent in (and posted here).

I’ll post a screenshot when I can (the paywall covers my letter), but here’s the text of the letter as published by the Brits. They changed my spellings!


spectator letter to the editorSir: While William Cook may find no humour in certain British TV shows, to state that satire does not work on television over-generalises (Arts, 21 February). He apparently can’t see across the Atlantic. Jon Stewart, South Park, certainly Stephen Colbert and John Oliver (a Brit!) all demonstrate that satire can be — and is — communicated via the ‘one-eyed god’ of television.


William Pate
Leander, Texas

Pretty cool.

I read a couple of pieces in this week’s Spectator before I skipped ahead to the letters section on my Kindle and found my letter at the end. Surprise! (Most American newspapers give you a heads-up if they’re going to publish your letter.)

UPDATE 25 MAR 2015: Screenshot of Spectator Letter to the Editor.

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