Good Criticism

Great piece of criticism in today’s Christian Science Monitor:

The experimental scheme of “The Book of Love” is a disappointing reminder that experiments don’t always work. Rosenblatt’s book-length essay, which includes everything from extended musical quotations to short fictions, personal recollations to tender valentines to his wife, reads more llike a brainstorm for a book than a finished manuscript.

I’ll admit that I like it:

Yes, because it’s snarky.

But, more important, because it’s honest and doesn’t pull punches. Disagree with the critic if you like, at least he’s giving you something with which to disagree.

Too much criticism today pulls punches. We aren’t here to accept the worthless as worthwhile.

On another note: I think I’ve finished transferring stuff over. Email subscribers shouldn’t be inundated any more. 


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