finally, a real new one

This is a reinvented blog. I emphasize the re because we’ve been here before. We’re going back to the beginning, as I’ve been doing a lot recently.

I’ve spent the last couple of days finding and uploading my very first blog posts from my old AOL blog to the archives of this blog. It starts in early 1998 and extends into late 2000, along with a few more from a newer, still extant, blog at I plan to transfer inadequate’s files over here as well and just mirror the sites. I don’t want inadequate to fall by the wayside.  

Of course, back then, we didn’t use the word “blog.” These were “journals” or “diaries,” harkening back to the print media to which we turned when away from our 386s and Apple 2e’s.

So, what’s changing about this blog? Well, fuck it. I’m going back to the beginning and writing what I see and hear and feel and think again. There was never anything better written here. My pseudo-intellectualism can be expressed in my own words wherever the “play of mind” takes me, rather than worrying about strictures or trying to focus on one simple subject each time I post here The censors are always up, but I can try to sneak over every once in a while and file a dispatch.


We’re looking for more work. The plight of freelancers. (I’m going to install a donation widget, y’all can pitch in.) I’m waiting for a couple of projects with Somnio to finish and waiting for more to start. Still working with other clients (Texas CEO Magazine, Bravarro, et al.) and working on getting more. At the same time, Misty and I are planning to move to Detroit, Pittsburgh, Baltimore or New Orleans — whichever offers one of us a job first.

New Orleans isn’t looking so hot (except in the summer, and it’s always humid, and it is much warmer than the other cities, but I digress). No design and few writing jobs. John (yes, the same John as before — guitar-playing, blues/jazzman, New Orleans John) has also warned me that NOLA is filling up with hipsters. Sounds like war down there. Austin fell to the hipsters a long time ago. Like France to Hitler in World War II.

The same could be said for the rest of the cities, I suppose. But I’m hoping they’re like Austin was twenty or so years ago — a little before I arrived. When there was growth to witness. Before the soul started to feel cold to me, as if a semiconductor has replaced Austin’s heart. Sure, it has its amenities, but it isn’t (as I’ve said before) as if it’s the only city in the world and there’s nothing beyond the city limits.

Yeah. So that’s the newest of the new, I suppose. There’s more, but this one is long enough for a start.

Boy, oh, boy — do we have some things to catch up on.

(This has not been edited.)

My express and extreme apologies to those who received eight billion emails as I updated the site with the old posts. You could call it a sneak peek or an annoyance (which it was). Next time, I’ll figure out how to shut that off before I continue uploading.

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