Down the Adwords/Analytics Rabbit Hole

Wow. I really fell into a Google Adwords and Analytics rabbit hole. It happened sometime last night when I decided to brush up on my skills. It’s remarkable how much Google Analytics has grown up over the years. It’s also remarkable — and rather amazing — that a few dollars and a decently witty ad can attract hundreds of people to one’s site. That was nearly impossible when I started writing on the Web. You had to get your journal on a popular site’s text link list or someone’s listserv. Or you did what I did which was just slowly gain a core of readers with whom, once I met them, I ended up, with many of them anyway, becoming friends.

Anyway, I fell into the rabbit hole/wormhole/time warp/suck that is A/B testing and otherwise playing around with getting traffic to this humble journal. Misty has not been amused. And she’s right not to be. I do spend a lot of time with a device in front of me — laptop for work then tablet for pleasure and smartphone, well, to be always-on. It isn’t meant disrespectfully. I just have bad manners. Gotta work on that.

But, yeah, I had five hundred-plus visitors over the past day or so. Let me share a few of the ads I wrote. They are based on (and directed those who clicked to) my review of Green on Blue, my old criticism of Texas job sites and my last entry commenting on Sally Kohn’s desire for her kid to be gay, too.

Here are the ads I wrote (I tweaked them over time, but this is where they stand now):

Abandon Hope
All Ye Searching
Texas Job Sites

Green on Blue: A Novel
Review: A 21st Century

I Want My Kid To Be Gay
with two grandkids
and a side of fries.

Want Your Kid to be Gay?
This Mom Does. Find out more.
an examination of free will

I also had one with a dynamically generated headline.

Which do you think did the best? Yeah, definitely the one with a side order of fries. A bit of hyperbole in the Green on Blue one. It was fun. My budget has been reached and I’ve had a chance to get comfortable with Adwords and Analytics again. (Should I get one of their certifications? Are they really worth the time and effort?)

If not, maybe I’ll have more time to spend with Misty.

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