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As is known to regular readers of this journal, Misty and I are planning to relocate once we find jobs in a new city. I say “we,” but only one of us needs to secure employment to spur the move. We’ve narrowed and widened our search numerous times, usually because I wanted to add cities to the list. Now I’m asking for your help in whittling it down to one.

Seattle is currently in top running given the job opportunities there. I have a good possibility for a gig up there (which I don’t want to jinx) and it shouldn’t be any trouble for Misty to find something. It’s all about

(A) Keeping ourselves together financially until we move (more difficult than it sounds);
(B) Getting jobs;
(C) Moving;
(D) Working and living and exploring a new town!

What if I were to give you, dear readers, the opportunity to decide for us? Misty doesn’t know I’m offering up this challenge (and it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t because this will never come to fruition), so you should especially take part if you want her to be angry with me.

First, I’m going to give you the cities we’ve discussed and are currently in the running. Then, I will discuss what we’re looking for in a new city and, finally, I will fill you in on the basic rules.

Cities We’re Interested In:
(You can pick only one because we can only move to one.)

Cleveland (know nothing about this city)
Seattle (more expensive than we’d like)
St. Louis
Cincinnati (same as Cleveland)
New Orleans (no design jobs — no well-paying jobs at all, really)

What we need in a city: 

I’m a writer. Misty’s an user experience designer. We need jobs in the city before we there. So that’s key. We need affordability, walkability and puberty. That is, we need a cheap place to live that has access to mass transit in a city that’s growing.

We’re also aiming for cities with industrial or other space that would allow for a loft. Barring that, a cheap two-bedroom with a yard would do — for now.

Think older city that’s on the verge of revitalizing. You can probably see that strain in the above-listed cities. Also think Austin fifteen to twenty years ago.


For this to happen, 10,000 comments must be left below this post. You only get one vote (which you can change). You may suggest cities with your rationale given our limitations and we may add it to the list after discussion.

We will search for jobs in every city on the list.

The contest ends when Misty or I find a job and we move. If we get jobs and have not received the 10,000 comments, we move wherever the job is. You’re in a race with human resource managers and others with hiring authority. No pressure.

If we hit 10,000 comments, we’ll move to the city with the most votes. It’s that easy. (Also, feel free to use that donate button up there to help fund the move — a dollar a vote would be plenty to get us there and settled in.)

So? Are you in? Which city do you prefer?

Clock starts . . . now.

I’m betting no one takes part.

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