Letter to the Editor: Leander TOD [Updated]

[UPDATE: This was published in the 31 JUL 2014 issue of the Hill Country News.]

I’ve sent to following to a local paper(s) regarding zoning and code changes in the massive acreage around CapMetro’s MetroRail Leander Station. Developers are telling them that a high-density, walkable, transit-oriented development can’t be accomplished — there must be big-box retail and acres of parking. I think we can do better. So, I fired off this short message.


I find it sad — and indicative of Leander shooting itself in the foot — that at the same time Cedar Park is beginning to consider adding mixed-use, transit-oriented development (which Austin is already pursuing), our city council is lowering expectations and building standards around Leander Station. Cedar Park doesn’t even have — or pay for — a rail station.

Growth is coming to Leander. Let’s do it attractively and correctly. Let’s make Leander a true destination.


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