Granddad: Censored

UPDATED: 19 APR 2014

I’ve spoken with my grandfather. He is fine with the posts continuing as is. Enjoy. 

Some of my family members believe my writing about my grandfather should be relegated to my personal (paper? memory? Doogie Howser?) journal. They’ve asked that I censor myself on this blog.

I won’t go that far. I will password-protect the posts, however. So, future posts about my grandfather will be password-protected. If you’re interested in reading them, you can e-mail me for the password for each as it appears. Other posts will appear as normal.

Apparently, the 1st Amendment is only sacred to conservatives when protesting (with automatic weapons in hand) our black president and holding up pictures of fetuses on street corners. When it comes to discussing one’s loved ones’ daily struggles to improve, censorship is better.

I apologize this isn’t Tuesdays with Morrie. This Is Real Life.

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