Sunil’s Lawsuit Against Austin

Something I didn’t think about while writing last night’s post but thought of today while a Sweetish Hill:

Sunil Paul’s lawsuits in Austin and other cities cost taxpayers (his potential customers) more money. So, in contrast to whatever benefits he boasts SideCar provides communities, an immediate consequence of his irascibility is wasteful expenditures on an entirely preventable lawsuit. He need only properly and respectfully engage in the policymaking process. By that, I mean discussions and negotiations with the city, citizens and others impacted by his app. I don’t mean through political donations, though that is a viable alternative.

Currently, Sunil is just wasting your and my money. Money that could be going to other very needed services — schools, infrastructure, mass transit. But, then again, draining the coffers of public mass transit services may not be a bad idea for those in the “disrupting transportation” business.

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