The Missing Ted Cruz Blog Post

I marked up a magazine article and started writing a piece about our new Republican U.S. senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Instead, I find that I’m not really interested in writing about specific politicians — except in one-liners aimed at members on both sides of the aisle. (Granted, recently Republicans have been providing a target-rich environment. But it should be noted that one joke I posted on a personal blog was, in naive-surprise to me, considered a “hit” — not in the chart-topping sense — on a now-no-longer-serving Democrat.) Further, so much has been written throughout history about politics, politicians, the people, government and businesses, that sometimes it just seems more intelligent to allow another author the privilege of explaining my thoughts (to a degree).

Thus, I give you an excerpt from William Hazlitt’s “What is the People?”



My point being in quoting the above that Cruz — and many others — needs to put the people first and not his extremist agenda. The American people and Texans are moderates when presented with reasonable arguments. They are made in the image of extremists by the sophistry and rhetoric of those who supposedly act on their behalf while instead enriching themselves and their friends and ignoring those who elected them. And those who hold statewide and national office are not accountable only to those who voted for them: They represent the interests of all Texans and Americans.

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