Committeeland on Appropriations Night

Committeeland in the Texas Capitol is a special place. It is a series of underground hallways devoted to the various House and Senate committees (appropriations, health and human services, education, etc.) and their staffs, which are separate from the committee chairs’ Capitol office staffs.

I tried not to go down there when I worked in the Capitol. Usually, my trips to my boss’ committee took place during the interim – when Committeeland is virtually dead. All the committee staffers’ phones are forwarded to their mobiles so they can pretend to be in the office when the boss calls from out of town [PRO-TIP to new staffers: this does not usually apply in the boss’ Capitol office], unless there’s a (in my experience infrequent) meeting.

During session, Committeeland (like the rest of the Capitol) really comes to life. Specifically, on Appropriations Night (I dub it such because the debate and amendments on the budget tends to stretch into a couple of days – without stop), Committeeland has a reputation for, well, going a bit crazy (like playing chicken in the hallways with office chairs).

In Honor of Appropriations Night(s) (which won’t come for a couple months yet, but still), I give you this:

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