Arlene, Pearce and an UnSub

Three quick things that came to mind as I was driving around today:

  • 1. When former state Rep.  Arlene Wohlgemuth says there aren’t enough doctors in Texas to support a Medicaid expansion, she must have forgotten one tiny thing: She now works for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative group that strongly promotes the idea that tort reform laws – which limit the amount of money a patient can sue his or her medical provider for if they cut off the wrong arm – passed in earlier legislative sessions have increased the number of doctors in Texas. Oops.
  • 2. This song goes out to my very favorite (sarcasm alert) person still serving under the Dome.
    3. Finally, it’s after five o’clock in the afternoon and the school down the street (Pearce Middle School) has a full parking lot. Just for those of you who think teachers go home at three o’clock.

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