Initial Thoughts on Final Debate

These are my initial, uninfluenced post-debate thoughts. I haven’t watched the debate again or any post debate coverage except what’s playing in the background as I write.

When Romney wasn’t agreeing with moderate Democratic foreign policies, he was obfuscating, dishonest, flexible with the facts and offered platitudes as solutions to real and imagined issues. Overarchingly, though, Mitt seemed as if this were merely an academic exercise, something to get through. He was more convincing than Paul Ryan, his running mate, who seemed to try to name every province in Afghanistan just to prove he’d done his homework like a good boy, but he essentially pulled the same trick with a spin: he read The Economist, too. Anyway, it was the final debate, so Romney and Ryan have probably forgotten everything they crammed.

The president was clearly more aggressive than Romney in this debate. But when your opponent won’t seem to shut up and perpetuates far-right troll myths, like this nonexistent “apology tour,” and falsehoods, it’s understandable one might get a bit hot under the collar.

Finally, Mitt’s calling Iran our greatest future threat is a great Jewish vote pander, but makes little sense. Terrorist groups and their ilk certainly present a more realistic danger. But if you want to pick countries: what about North Korea? They have nukes. Or the destabilized, nuclear Pakistan?

Those are my initial thoughts. Obvious win for the president, and a win for Romney for surviving and promoting some good Democratic foreign policies.

I hear CNN fact checking statements made during the debate. It’s about time!

I also drew this awesome infographic:


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