How to Correct Your Austin Chronicle Voters Guide

Obviously, the big races are easy. It’s always the local stuff that’s hard (especially with all the propositions on the ballot).

This time around, I find the majority of The Austin Chronicle‘s endorsements acceptable. Usually, I have more issues with them. So I’m just going to tell those relying on my advice to go pick up a copy of the free Chronicle (or print out their endorsements page) and make the below changes:

Central Health Tax Ratification: YES (Misty is voting NO, cancelling out my vote.)

City Charter Amendments:

Prop. 3: YES
Prop. 4: YES (Misty and I are supporting the 8-2-1 plan for reasons earlier noted. We have yet to be convinced otherwise.)
Prop. 8: YES

City Bond Propositions:

Prop. 16: NO

AISD Board of Trustees, District 5: Amber Elenz

Early voting started today. Go vote!

(View the ballot here.)

[There’s a lot of debate around the 10-1 and 8-2-1 city council representation plans. Likely, neither will garner enough support to pass and we’ll be stuck with the current, far-less-representative (than either of the above proposed) system. BUT YOU CAN VOTE FOR BOTH PROPS (3 & 4). If they were both to win, the one with the most votes would be enacted. Hopefully, we can at least get local elections moved to November, in line with national elections.]

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