Even Warren Chisum’s Mailers Are Weird

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.

I’ll admit it — I’m a bad Democrat. I’ve voted in Republican primaries to try to throw a wrench in their selection of nominee. But I know I should vote in everything Democratic. At least I’ve been told that. I probably barely show up in the Dems’ VAN. But this does mean my wife and I receive mailers from Republican candidates. The one below from state Rep. Warren Chisum’s campaign for a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates oil and gas, is particularly strange.

We’ve received at least three mailers from his campaign. Below are the two we most recently received.

Chisum Mailer
Chisum Mailer

Nothing too weird there, right? Ah, but we must look a little closer.

In the first mailer, the endorsements are listed on the right. In the second, on the left. Here’s a close-up:

Chisum Mailer Endorsements
Chisum Mailer Endorsements: Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Association of Business, Texas Right to Life PAC, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, THSC (Texas Home School Coalition) PAC and the Conservative Republicans of Texas.

Three out of six make sense. That’s not half bad. But pro-lifers and homeschoolers? What do they have to do with being a qualified candidate for the Railroad Commission? We can be sure he won’t allow those nasty oil and gas executives to harm our children with unethical and environmentally hazardous practices. Yeah, right.

It could be argued that the Conservative Republicans of Texas (just another far-right PAC) is just a BS endorsement as well. In fact, I will argue that.

So, while I may be a bad Democrat, at least I’m certain to get to see the most awful campaign literature ever.

(Also, everyone, please stop using those fake news clipping images in your campaign literature, for god’s sake! It looks awful, and Misty may begin hunting down the graphic designers responsible for perpetuating this practice. I have no idea what she may do to them. Beware: Democrats are particularly guilty of this practice.)

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