First things first

I’m going to start today with a few important notices for everyone:

First, DO NOT buy a house from Moody Andrews or his parents, James and Diane Andriotakis.

Second, Friday Night Lights‘ (one of the best damn shows on television; not only because I’ve seen my neighborhood in the opening credits before) season ended last night but has been tentatively renewed (six more scripts were ordered) for next season. Now we just need to get the Texas Legislature to pass incentives for the film, video, interactive, and video gaming industries to keep Lights and other great shows in Texas.

And, finally, the most important and saddest news of the day, Kurt Vonnegut has died at 84.

“You know — we’ve had to imagine the war here, and we have imagined that it was being fought by aging men like ourselves,” an English colonel says in [Slaughterhouse-Five]. “We had forgotten that wars were fought by babies. When I saw those freshly shaved faces, it was a shock. My God, my God — I said to myself, ‘It’s the Children’s Crusade.’ ”

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