kissinger still wrong

I’m watching CNN right now and listening to Henry Kissinger replay Eisenhower’s old“domino theory” — only now it’s in reference to Islamic extremism rather than communism.

The problem with Kissinger, I think, is that while he maintains the view that the conflict in Vietnam was lost because of the split in the American public opinion regarding the conflict during the 1960s, he refuses to admit that the underlying assumptions about the nature of the conflict and reasons for U.S. intervention in Vietnam were wrong: the dominoes didn’t fall and the world wasn’t engulfed by totalitarianism. And it’s unlikely that either would have occurred if we’d not put 60,000 American soldiers to their deaths in that jungle country.

Now he peddles the same assumptions (and actions) by saying that the world Muslim community will fall into the hands of the Islamic extremists if we don’t stop them in Iraq. That’s just false. There are too many examples of moderate Muslims in the world unaffected by American intervention (Iran, anyone?). Maybe Kissinger should retire from consulting.

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