getting to the heart of class

The New York Times has been running a great series of articles on the effect of one’s (economic) class on his or her success in different areas of life (health, employment, education and so on). I highly recommend checking out the entire series (after you click the link, on the left side of the screen you will find a navigation box for the series). Class is hardly discussed in the United States, but it’s probably the number one indicator of success — far outpacing religion, sexual orientation, race or gender.

Money quote from today’s article about a woman who started out in a lower/working class family and has since moved up to the middle class:

“If your goal is to become, on a national scale, a very important person, you can’t start way back on the continuum, because you have too much to make up in one lifetime. You have to make up the distance you can in your lifetime so that your kids can then make up the distance in their lifetime.”

24 May 05 BUMP: The NYT continues to run articles in this series. I suggest revisiting the link above to read the new pieces if you haven’t already.

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