My letter to the editor (sent to the Austin, Dallas and San Antonio papers):

Thursday night’s presidential debate was a much-needed opportunity for the American people to survey the candidates and their policy stances side-by-side.

Beyond aesthetics, like the fact that Kerry looked pale and Bush looked pink, or that the Bush team’s plan to make Kerry sweat backfired and caused Bush to gulp water all night, the debate made clear to undecided voters who has the plan, vision and information the lead our country for the next four years.

Senator Kerry maintained a calm, composed and, honestly, presidential demeanor. He showed that he has a wide and deep knowledge of foreign policy. He expressed his criticisms of President Bush succinctly and intelligently.

President Bush, however, floundered throughout the evening. Whether staring off into space, stuttering or forgetting his opponent’s name (or who attacked the United States on 9/11), President Bush showed the American people an incompetent leader in action. While he’s sat in the White House surrounded by information and experts, President Bush has failed to take command of the information and skills needed to continue in office.

Senator Kerry showed himself to be an intelligent, cogent speaker who knows that the only way to keep America strong is to apply logic to the facts.

Congratulations to Senator Kerry.

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