We’re in Blanco this weekend housesitting for Lindsay’s mom. It’s been enjoyable so far — I’ve spent a lot of it sleeping.

Here’s a letter to the editor of the Blanco County News that I’ve sent in:


On a recent weekend stay in Blanco, I happened upon your paper and the letters to the editor section. I’d like to add an outsider’s opinion to your pages.

First, I’d like to note that you published three letters critical of State Rep. Patrick Rose. This lack of balance brings with it questions of editorial bias. I urge you to make attempts at some semblance of balance in the future.

Now, as to the substance of those letters:

I agree with Jonas Nelson’s anti-tuition deregulation sentiments. Due promises by the Republican leadership to end the last regular session without tax increases, funding options for higher education were drastically reduced. Rep. Rose did the best he could with what he was given — he ensured scholarships for the needy while capitulating to the Republican’s desire not to raise taxes to fund higher education. Maybe we should ask ourselves which is more important: our wallets or our children’s college education?

April Klepac’s desire for a radical right-wing state representative who advocates writing discrimination into our state and federal constitutions and opposes women’s right to reproductive choice (even in cases of rape, incest and ill health) proves that not only is her vote going for Askew, but her entire worldview is a bit askew from reality.

Finally, Ms. Klepac and Mr. Oeffinger’s vilification of Rep. Rose for leaving the state with the other Democrats during the redistricting debate is off-the-mark for two reasons:

1) The Democrat’s flight was in protest of Republican leaders who were willing to delay action on important social and economic issues to ensure their own political immortality and supremacy through a wasteful and partisan redistricting process. The Democrats took the best move in representing their constituents’ desire for a Legislature that is effective in solving the real problems of today; not one that ensures its own political survival over the survival of Texas’ poor, middle class and children.

2) Mr. Oeffinger illustrates the above well with his comment, “It was reported that the 4 special sessions made necessary by shut down of the regular session of the Legislature cost the taxpayers $4.6 million.” What he fails to mention, though, is that the Democrats didn’t cause those four special sessions — the Republicans who wanted to grind a political axe and ensure their own political survival did. Even after the Democrats returned to Texas, the Republicans had to schedule another special session because they hadn’t decided on a new district map while the Democrats were away.

On the other hand, when it came to revamping the state’s school finance system, the Republicans only called one failed special session.

Republican partisan antics: 4, Economic and social health for Texas: 1.

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