“Through the Stained Glass: Religion and the Media”

A couple of good stories from the Associated Press and the Austin American-Statesman about the conference my office held on Monday and Tuesday.

It went really well. Just by the lack of manual labor required of the staff one could tell how well it went. I think this is a credit to Ryan, the Faith Network Coordinator, who organized the event this year. It went really smoothly. The conference seemed to run itself.

The speakers were all very good — Helen Thomas, John Moyers, et cetera. Aside from a bit of partisanship from a panel yesterday that included James Moore, everything was good.

I’m tired.

On another note, I’ve gotten to see Lindsay both evenings after the conference ended, which was very nice. Her father is doing a bit better (physically, anyway). It’s been absolutely wonderful relaxing after a hard day of work (me at the conference, her taking care of her father) with her.

Freezing this moment in the relationship would be nice, but I think letting it retain its warmth and growing with it, learning from it, remaining with it, feeding it with love and care — doing all that and more with her would be even better.

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