“Politics has become the sex of the early part of the 21st century.”

Here’s a good article from the Palm Beach Post.

In the excerpt below, it skirts closely to the same conclusion that I came to just after Michael Moore released his new film:

Some argue that Democrats are copying a Republican model. Long before Michael Moore’s film, there was Rush Limbaugh’s talk-radio revolution.

Now, you’re getting the liberal counterpunch.

“The left is looking at the right’s success and scrambling to find its own direct channel into people’s homes — and it may not be the same things that work for the right,” says Eli Attie, former chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore and a producer on The West Wing, whose blend of “poli-tainment” just got the show nominated for 12 Emmy awards, the most of any broadcast network series.

My own conclusion went a bit further, though, by saying that, in fact, to a certain degree, the media is liberal, especially on social issues. Democrats just had not been effective in harnessing its power to influence.

While the Republicans may control talk radio and certain news outlets (Fox), the Democrats have, and are finally utilizing, the opportunity that film and television shows offer them to influence large segments of the population.

It’s about damn time.

And a quote from the article for Shellie:

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

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