Wednesday, July 18, 2001
@ work

“There are times when I’m thinking I might be losing hope,
in regard to chances.
Chances are that you’ve been thinking along the same lines,
we are diminishing.
Tell me is there potential, to make amends and still be friends.”
–Revolutionary Hydra, “The Antiphony”

From the Albany Entries to now: Jillian stopped speaking to me shortly after I last updated this site. I, nonetheless, planned a trip to Boston for Friday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 4, once again recruiting Tracy, who lives in Boston, to be my guide, and this time talking Deb-b, from New Jersey, to come up and hang out for a few days.

Deja vu: Time passed and the plans seemed fine. I finally forced constant thoughts of Jillian from my mind and attempted dates with other local girls (three in all). There were no plans whatsoever for Jillian to come to Boston. As she said prior, “Boston’s a long way from Albany.” I knew three hours was only a long way for someone who didn’t want to drive it.

A week and a half before my departure for Boston, Jillian called. Apparently, and I say this with the greatest of reservations, she had been missing me for a while. She’d even attempted posting on (where, as you all know, some of my other work is posted) to get my attention. There were reasons I won’t go into that caused this seemingly sudden bout of wanting my presence (and maybe more reasons than I really know). Before long and after a few arguments, we’d agreed on her driving into Boston on Friday night and staying until Monday afternoon.

Boston: I won’t go into details here about my time in Boston. I do believe everyone (Tracy, Jillian, Deb-b, and myself) involved had a good time. Boston’s a beautiful city and I fuckin’ love the T, the subway system. A Boston-specific entry or entries are forthcoming.

Austin, not Boston: Upon arrival home, I feared the same twice-come ceasation of civilities might happen once again between Jillian and me. We discussed her moving here and decided she’d most likely melt in the southern latitude regular of 100 degree weather. Instead, we decided, I should move to Albany. More than that, I should move there in December at almost the height of winter. What the hell, right? It’s sort of like jumping right into the pool and getting the acclimation over with rather than easing yourself in and feeling every tingling sensation the cool water forces.

The Empire State, The Future: So this is what we have to look forward to. All of us. I’m very excited about living with Jillian in the Northeast. I think a change of scenery will do me rather good. I do have to get rid of my expensive, newish car and buy an older used and save money between now and then. During this time, Jillian will be getting an apartment with some friends. Then I’ll move in with them sometime in December. will be coming along for the ride. You may even see a bit of Jillian up here if I can convince her to put pen to paper once I’m in Albany.

I know I’ve been distant or non-existent recently when it comes to this journal, but I intend for improvement and consistency soon. Especially with the new experiences awaiting me in the northern country. Stay tuned, goddammit.

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