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Monday, August 14, 2000
@ home        0147 hrs

Picture this:

You’re sitting in your favorite coffeeshop around 8:30 PM after getting off work on a Friday. One of your best friends (or best) is sitting there telling you euphorically about how she just found this great house but needs $1,000 toward the deposit by Tuesday. You don’t have the money. Her grandparents do. No one else local has the money, save her ex-boyfriend–the one person you tell her she cannot call for help in this case. She doesn’t. But how will she get the money in time? It’ll take the letter till after Tuesday to get here via USPS. Then you think of it: Road Trip. And then you’re doing it.

So Wendi and I drove down to Corpus Christi, Texas, Friday night and just got back some time after nine tonight. We hit the beach a couple of times (one time to smoke [you know what] and watch the sunset and moonrise, the second just to swim and get some sun before we left); toured the USS Lexington; checked out the Corpus Christi Museum of Art; and spent a few minutes in the rather dead Corpus downtown weekend night scene (which consisted mainly of a block of clubs advertising “Frat Nights” and a Whataburger with a balcony and about five police officers standing around inside). I also got to meet a bit of her family.

Anyhow, then we came back. And I found my truck parked where I’d parked it with the hood somewhat open and the passenger side door now unlocked–I had been sure to lock it before I left. Not to mention my CD player stolen. Brand new, too. Only had it for a month or so. Bastards. Ah well. Nothing’s safe anywhere any more.  (It was really my own fault:  I knew Wendi had an entire car-load of luggage stolen in the same area after a trip to New York.) 

Then around eleven thirty or so tonight we drove over to look at Wendi’s soon-to-be house and the main office of the real estate company I work for to clean it, as I’d agreed to do for some extra cash last week.  Spent about an hour doing that.  Wasn’t the most fun part of the weekend (not in the least), but it wasn’t completely horrible either, I don’t think. 

I had a good time, a really good time.  I enjoy being with Wendi.  I’d rather only smoke with her instead of with the usual group we smoke with–she said she felt the same.  It was lots of fun… and I just wanted to update you.

Everyone should see the ocean once a summer, at least.


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