Africa a’liberate Zimbabwe

Saturday, May 6, 2000
@ home        1633 hrs

   I have nothing to say, really; but I’m going to post this just to let everyone know I’m still around. 

    Got one of those new dollar coins from the Barnes & Noble cafe the other day.  The lady in front of me gave it to the cafe-wench in payment for her coffee, and I asked for it in the change for my mocha.  Also, tried the new white chocolate mocha last night at B&N.  One of the girls who calls me “Mocha Guy” was serving last night.  Said she’d hook me up with a free regular mocha if I didn’t like the white choco.  Wasn’t too bad.  Probably stick with the regular, though. 

   Voted today.  Wrote my own name in for Mayor of Leander.  I like my platform — decriminalization of marijuana in the city limits, among the usual better roads, better schools bullshit.  Also voted for the city to keep CapMetro (metro bus [and light-rail, someday] to downtown Austin). 

   Not much else going on.  May go see Bob Schneider play again at Antone’s next Tuesday, but who knows. 

   My car sucks ass.  Been bucking when I hit around 45 mph like a girl reaching orgasm by tongue. 

   Sent off Ash‘s book about Michael Collins that I edited earlier today, too. 

   Cut out of work early yesterday.  The graduating UT senior office manager had the idea of our leaving early.  So I took apart the time-clock, set it forward to seven o’clock, she clocked us out, then I reset it to five thirty.  Last Friday we at least stayed at work the full shift, instead of leaving early we just got drunk celebrating her birthday which was the next day. 

   “Are you skankin’?… skankin’… skankin’… Top Rankin’…”

   It’s Texas outside… and inside since I have the windows open.

   Ahhhhh, screw it.

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