there’s a bad moon on the rise

Tuesday, March 28, 2000
@ home           2022 hrs

    Driving home this evening after looking for a new computer desk with my mom the radio gave an update on the developing storm in the area.  Tonight a tornado like the one which ripped through my neighborhood and broke trees in my yard a week ago is ravaging another area south of Austin. 

   Walking my poodle, Tramp, after I arrived home, I noticed a large, puffy cloud in the northeastern portion of the sky above my neighborhood.  The departing sun lit the side facing me.  From within the cloud flashes of light erupted silently.  First this side of the cloud, then the other, then the middle, then the upper middle.  And on and on. 

   The same God, the same amoeba, the same evolution that created the beauty of that cloud caught in the throes of internal unrest — a lightning storm — bore the tornadoes which frighten myself and others so much.  Honestly, tornadoes are one of the few weather systems that truly strike fear in my heart.  Their quick formation and hellish wrath is without equal, in my eyes.O

   I apologize for my infrequent updates of late. 

   As of last Friday I am unemployed.  Again. 

   This is only to tide you over until something worth saying comes to mind. 

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