Sunday, February 27, 2000
@ home       1950hrs

      Easy Entry – 1, 2, 3:

  •    Went to B&N again today.  My usual Sunday evening haunt.  Girls in the cafe recognized me; said, “Mocha?”  Yep.  “Whipped cream, right?”  Right.

  •    Wrote in my paper journal while starting on the mocha.  Wrote questions to myself like, “Why am I here?  What is my relation to other people?”  Shit like that.   

  •     Spent some time in the political science section looking for something mildly stimulating that wouldn’t stimulate my wallet to empty itself completely.  Nothing.  Thomas Friedman, Arianna Huffington, Jim Hightower.  All good, I’m sure, but too expensive. 

  •    Did the travel section thing for a while.  Nothing in travel essays.  Still waiting for my order of On Mexican Time to come in from (an Austin business). 

  •    While sitting checking out Bukowski I haven’t read, I heard a guy ask the info desk for John Knowles’ A Separate Peace.  While they all debated over how to spell Mr. Knowles’ last name, I went over and picked the book up.  Took it to the two guys who were inquiring and said, “John Knowles’ A Separate Peace.”  Beautiful, short, red-headed girl behind the desk smiled and said, “Thank youuuuuu.” 

  •    The rest of the weekend I spent with my family landscaping the backyard.  Shoveled two truckloads of dirt and laid out one truckload of sod.  Physical labor, yum.  Gave me flashbacks of the Air Force. 

  •    Listening to Bob Marley.  So much trouble in the world, doncha know. 

  •    Where are all our Bob Dylans and Bob Marleys and people like that?  Are they extinct?  Limited edition?  We need a couple for this generation.  Be largely ignored, probably.

  •    I know this entry sucks as much as you do if not more. 

  •    Court date for my divorce is March 9.  Yeah, baby.

  •    Parents going out of town and taking the sis and bro for Spring Break.  I work.  Work sucks.

  •    My supervisor at work sucks.  I think his ass is still on the rag.  I’ll bring him some Mydol on my last day.  Fucker.

  •    “We refuse to be what you wanted us to be.  We are what we are.  That’s the way it’s going to be.”  Zaelit helped me pick out this CD at Keesler.  He’s a big Marley fan. 

  •      For Dane:  Fuck it.

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