March 10, 1999

What’re we going to use to fill these empty spaces?

March 10, 1999
Slow drag… How do we get rid of the nervousness that has finally set in? The trepidation. The… worry? I know I love her and that nothing short of an apocalyptic meeting could change that. These must be normal second-thoughts. I don’t even take them seriously. Nothing could change my mind from meeting her now. Although I do think one valid obstacle to my calm feelings regarding our meeting lies in what I should expect from it. The best thing to do would be to not expect anything and just take what comes, but this hormone-driven mind ain’t gonna settle for that. I’ll be quite honest and frank with you: I’m not packing any condoms. Hell, I don’t even own any. I’ve never been worried about impregnating my hand. Although sometimes a few more hands running around wouldn’t hurt. And I’m sure that, if the occasion arises when I have need to call on Mr. Trojan, every drugstore and gas station in California carries a full supply. Seriously, though, I sometimes wonder about whether or not that even has a possibility of happening on this trip. Of course, by publishing this on the Web, I’ve almost assured myself that she’ll be wearing stockings and I won’t be getting anything except the restaurant bill.

It’s a nowhere road… We’ll be travelling I-10 for most of the trip. Most of the first day will be spent driving through what’s left of Texas from Austin. We’ll skirt the Mexican border before blowing through El Paso and into New Mexico. Las Cruces is the only noticeable pothole we’ll hit in New Mexico before flying into Arizona where Tucson and Phoenix will be the most interesting roadside attractions. Once we bust through the California border we’re home free. My great uncle, who I will be staying with, lives in Victorville, about thirty or forty minutes from the city Jackie resides in — Rancho Cucamonga.

Where were they going without ever knowing the way?… In previous discussions, Jackie and I have tossed around the idea of visiting Edwards AFB (where my family once had orders) so I can show her the beauties of a military installation. Mainly, the cheap CD prices in the BX. We may also visit the Ghost Town of Calico. And something I’m almost sure we’ll do is make a run for the border and partake in the natural tourist traps which exist only in Tijuana, Mexico. Of course, we’ll take time to stop and smell the roses and cuddle under the stars in Hesperia keeping a watchful eye for our shooting stars. And then there’s still the mystery as to what I’ll do for her in honor of her nineteenth birthday.

It’s better than we ever could have wished it to be… I have no doubt that this trip will be a complete success. As I’ve been repeating to Jackie for the last couple of days, after our meeting lies only eternity. I love her.

Won’t you tell me, which way to the top?
No updates till I return around March 21.
You know that I can’t stay down here.

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