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October 3, 1998… A Dark Day.
Friends and previous readers of this site will know that a personal injury claim was brought against me resulting from the Biloxi wreck. Today I learned that GEICO has been unable to settle the claim out of court. I had put great faith in GEICO being able to resolve this quickly and quietly. I did not want to see anymore hurt develop from this event than had already been inflicted upon the people involved. Unfortunately, there are people in this word that don’t subscribe to the idea of cutting losses and getting over things. They would rather ruin another person’s life in order to fatten their bank accounts. I mean what I said. Ruin another person’s life. That is exactly what is happening. My mother is a second-year school teacher. My father an administrative assistant at a state prison. These are not high paying jobs. We don’t have the monetary means to pay a woman for injuries we did not cause. I did not cause. We, like most other people in the world, have a car payment, a house payment, college tuition staring us in the face for three kids, and on and on. People don’t understand how hard we’ve worked to finally be on the verge of owning our own house and living in a nice area. We’re looking at the American Dream and watching it fade right before our eyes because a piece of scum in Mississippi feels like the world owes her something for nothing. Look, I know I didn’t cause her injuries, she knows I didn’t caue her injuries. Hell, I even doubt that she has any injuries. But I will take the blame. I will go on national television and apologize for whatever wrong it is she thinks I’ve committed against her. But, please, don’t ruin my family’s future. They didn’t cause the people to run out of gas on the bridge. They didn’t cause the person to swerve into your lane. And they didn’t cause you to run into the bridge barrier. It’s too late for this woman, and I know it. But I beg of everyone else out there, think of your actions. Think of the consequences. They may not harm you, but they may ruin another person’s chances of finally getting somewhere. Finally getting a small reward for a lifetime of work. This makes me want to cry. To think that if only I’d postponed that trip for one week, I wouldn’t be part of my family’s downfall. I fantasize about miraculously going to Biloxi and winning the case because the American judicial system doesn’t let crooks get away with such injustice. But I know that’s a falsity. To believe that would only be to further lie to myself about the good in people. All I want is for people to finally be truthful. Can we, for once, not be so goddamn Machiavellian and materialistic? Can we finally be true to ourselves and others? Am I really asking for too much? I want to kill myself. But I have to make it look like an accident so that the insurance will pay up. I don’t want to kill myself. Goddamn you people! Goddamn you fucking bitch! Ruin my life because you’re a fucking idiot? Ruin my life because you decided not to get an education and ended up working at a casino for minimum wage? Is that my fault!? Goddamn you and goddamn America and anyone else who lets you get away with this. I want one thing right now. One thing. I want to watch that bitch crawl. I want to watch that bitch beg for my forgiveness. I don’t care how. I don’t care if she’s beat and bleeding or if she’s having to pay out the ass to me for being such a stupid bitch and trying to ruin my life. My future. My family’s future. I want justice.

Scars are souvenirs you never lose
The past is never far


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